…Made You King

This series-in-progress picks up where the season 7 and series finale ended. Obviously, it contains spoilers for the entire series, and especially season 7.

Series summary
Chibs never wanted to be King. But when the President’s flash lands on his chest, he swears he’ll stay on the course Jax has set. And while the burden is his to carry, he soon learns he’s not alone.

Stories (in best reading order)

  • Made You King (600 words) – Jarry brings the club some bad news.
  • Broken Wings (1,100 words) – Jarry gains a new understanding of Chibs.
  • The Crow Still Sings (1,000 words) – Chibs has no clue where to even start fixing the club. Lyla has an idea.
  • These Angels (8,000 words) – He was a Son, a killer, and a thug. She was a dominatrix providing personal services to kinky clients. Normal didn’t exist in the same universe as they did.
  • Grace Denied (3,100 words) – Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. It’s a lesson Chibs knows all too well. He enlists Jarry’s help to make sure Samcro will remember those who’ve gone before—and avoid repeating their history.
  • All My Sins (1,500 words) – A bike ride leads to surprising discoveries for both Jarry and Chibs.
  • On A Raven’s Glide (4,000 words) – Jarry has a surprise for Chibs—and another challenge.
  • Black Bird Calling (9,500 words) – Jarry needs help solving a case. For reasons of their own, Samcro offer their assistance. When things go wrong and Tig disappears, Jarry fears she may have unleashed a force far worse than the original crime.
  • Hand Of God (2,700 words) – After a brawl at Diosa lands the Sons in lock-up, Chibs and Jarry find themselves at odds about their respective roles in safeguarding Charming’s well-being.
  • Always Know, Ever Learn (2,300 words) – Chibs is making plans for the future of Diosa. Lyla reminds him being king doesn’t mean he can decide everyone’s fate.
  • The Lost King (18,500 words) – When an outsider brings trouble into Charming, all Chibs and Jarry want to do is protect the things and people they care about. But their different ideas about what needs protecting and how to do that put them on a collision course.
  • Children Of Their Fathers (1,400 words) – Ten years after Jax’s death, Chibs has settled comfortably into the club’s presidency. Epilogue to the series.